Road marking

If you are looking for road marking in Serbia , Montenegro or neighbouring countries, from a leading Serbian contractor then you need us! With over 30 years of experience in the industry, here at Signal D.O.O. Sombor, we have established ourselves as the leading road marking contractor, covering Serbia and partially Montenegro.

Our experienced teams, together with up-to-date machinery and materials coming from top-notch manufacturers, offer a high level of service. Marking is performed with Road marking, thermoplastic materials and Stamark stripes.

We do marking of all types of roads, highways, airports, production halls and other facilities. Also, we do application of multicolor road signs made of thermoplastic masses - on asphalt.

This is what we do when it comes to road marking:

• Logos, symbols   • Marking of high friction surfaces

• Line Removal   • Colored Lining

• White or Yellow Lining   • Colored Surfacing

• Road markings   • Colored Surfacing

• Temporary road marking

Some of our work

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