Production and installation of all kinds of traffic signs

Signal d.o.o. Sombor produces traffic signage since it's founding. Utilization of up-to date equipment, together with high quality materials, followed by up-to-date quality certificates, provides a guarantee for long lasting, high quality traffic sign.

Assortment of our traffic signs consists of: circular, rectangular, triangular and octagonal shaped signs, of various sizes. Ranges differ from 300mm to 1200mm per side or 300 to 900mm per diameter. We do bespoke (custom) road signs of differents size and shape, as well.

WE ARE ABLE TO MANUFACTURE TRAFFIC SIGNS THAT ACCOMMODATE ANY STATE REGULATION OR CUSTOMER'S REQUIREMENT. Quality is assured on all our road signs as we work to EN 12899-1; 2007. As a result, performance lives of up to 10 years can be expected, covering you for any failure against shrinkage, peeling, cracking or UV light fading.

By using traffic grade aluminium for traffic sign base, along with the reflective sheeting obtained from top-notch distributors (3M, Avery Dennison), Signal d.o.o. stands neck in neck with the rest of traffic sign manufacturers in Europe. We export to several EU and Middle East countries.

• Manufactured "in-house" to EN12899-1:2007   • Manufactured in an ISO9001:2015 controlled environment

• All signs CE Marked   • Reflective RA1, RA2, RA3 films are used, depending on requirement

• Sign plates are manufactured in Traffic Grade Aluminium   • Some of our traffic sign bases are made of galvanised steel

• Available for wall fixing or with channels on the rear for post mounting   • Galvanised posts and stainless fixing clips available

• Dew resistant sheeting available   • Anti graffiti protective overlay film available

• ISO14001 • ISO22301 • ISO45001 • ISO50001 • ISO27001

Some of our work