Laser cutting, tubes and profiles

Laser cutting, tubes and profiles


Laser tube cutting has emerged as a revolutionary metalworking technique, offering unparalleled precision and efficiency in crafting diverse components. This process utilizes a focused, high-powered laser beam to melt and sever metal, resulting in clean, accurate cuts on even intricate tube and profile shapes.

The versatility of laser tube cutting extends across a wide range of industries, each benefiting from its unique advantages.

Automotive Industry: From chassis components to intricate exhaust systems and engine parts, laser cutting ensures unparalleled accuracy and repeatability, crucial qualities in automotive manufacturing.

Construction: This technology facilitates the creation of custom architectural elements, structural tubing, and profiles with high precision, particularly valuable for intricate designs.

Machine Manufacturing: Whether crafting precise parts, enclosures, or frames, laser cutting guarantees the level of accuracy required for optimal machine operation.

Furniture Industry: The creation of metal furniture frames and decorative elements flourishes with the flexibility and precision offered by laser cutting, allowing for greater design freedom.

Agriculture: Laser cutting proves its worth in the production of agricultural machinery parts, tackling thicker and sturdier metals with sharp, accurate edges, ideal for this demanding field.

Materials tube laser cutter is able to process are aluminum, stainless steel/inox, mild steel, copper, brass.

Laser cutting tubes/profiles machine is located in Serbia, Sombor.

The benefits of laser tube cutting are numerous: Unmatched Precision: Achieves clean edges and intricate details, essential for various applications. Flexibility: Handles diverse shapes and geometries, expanding its range of uses. Enhanced Efficiency: Offers rapid cutting processes with minimal material waste. Automation Potential: Seamlessly integrates with CNC machines for automated production. As laser cutting technology becomes more accessible and affordable, its utilization continues to expand across numerous industries, solidifying its position as a crucial tool for efficient and precise metal fabrication.

•  Profiles up to 140mm diameter   •   Circle (rounded) tubes from 24mm to 240mm diameter

•  Steel up to 18mm   •   Stainless steel/inox up to 12mm

•  Aluminum up to 8mm    •  Copper up to 6mm   •  Brass up to 8mm

•  Maximum lenght of tubes/profiles 6m

SHAPES we are able to process:

• Circle   •  Square  •  Rectangle   •  Ellipse   •  U profiles  •   C, L , corner, angle - profiles  

•  Laser cutting tubes and profiles machine is located in Serbia,Sombor.

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Laser tube cutting

Stainless steel/inox 3mm

Laser cutting tubes

Laser cutting tubes and profiles