Warning Trailers, Signaling Trailers

Production, design and sales of warning/signaling trailers

We have more than 15 years experience in production of warning trailers, signaling traffic trailers. All our Warning Trailers are manufactured in accordance with UN-ECE regulations 48, 55, 58.

There are 6 diferent types of Warning /Signaling Trailers: Type 2000, Type 3000, Type 4000, Type 4000D, Type 5000 and Type 6000. Warning trailer models differ: in size, number of signal lights, LED display availability, as well as if the upright position of the platform is done automatically or by hand.

Beside warning trailers, we produce mobile warning signaling boards (boards have small wheels for easier positioning on the site) that are mounted on a truck/trailer, can`t be towed. Powered by a battery, that can be charged. Bottom images

Beside sales in Serbia and neighbouring countries, we export and distribute warning trailers to several countries.

2 years warranty

Warning Trailer, Signaling Trailer

Warning Trailer P-4000D

Warning Trailer P-4000D

Warning Trailer P-4000D

Warning Trailer P-2000

Warning Trailer P-3000